Savon de Marseille et insectes 

Marseille soap and insects

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Marseille soap and insects
During the holidays, in the garden or while camping, your green Marseille soap with olive oil can be very useful to you. Indeed, according to popular tradition, Marseille soap soothes the skin after insect, mosquito or spider bites. Obviously, this is just a tip because Marseille soap is indeed a soap, and not a medicine!

To fully benefit from its virtues, follow the instructions for use from our master soap makers.
At the first sensation of a bite, wet the green Marseille soap with olive oil and rub it directly on the mosquito or insect bite. Massage until the pain disappears. Let the soap dry on the skin. Then you can rinse the skin.
It would seem that Marseille soap placed on the windowsill (especially garden sheds) would be a natural barrier against spiders and therefore cobwebs...

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