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Visits to our factories and discovery of our know-how

Installed since 1907 in Salon de Provence, the City of Soapmakers, the Rampal Latour soap factory opens the doors of its workshops to you all year round. We welcome you for free visits to our two production sites : our historic factory created in 1907, and our modern factory built in 2016. In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the guided tour will lead you to discover the Rampal latour know-how which dates back to 1828, and the profession of master soap makers through time. Welcome to the extraordinary world of our soap factory, where tradition rhymes with innovation , and authenticity with respect for Man and Nature.

The historic soap factory

In this place out of time, witness of a unique know-how,live an unforgettable moment, in the heart of our century-old factory, in which our scented soap bars and pure laundry soap flakes were manufactured until 2022.

The modern factory

Discover our modern factory where tradition rhymes with innovation, and authenticity with respect for Man and Nature.Share the exceptional destiny of Marseille soap, of our organic products, and the deep desire to promote the Provençal art of living.

Privatized guided tours

An essential step to discover the riches of Provence, we welcome you to our 2 workshops for yourprivate guided tours.Tour of a single factory or combined tour of our 2 sites, we adapt to your expectations.

Access maps

To visit the Rampal Latour soap factory is to discover a true family history in the heart of Provence.Lived and told since 1828 by 5 generationssuccessive artisan soap makers, it goes around the world thanks to our authentic soaps.

The Rampal Latour soap factory

We want to bring our values ​​to life and share a certain art of living that combines respect for the heritage we have received and quality requirements, always with people at the heart of our quest. So you will find in our shops a wide choice of good and real soaps, handcrafted in our factory in Salon de Provence. A rigorous selection of our raw materials, traditional manufacturing processes and always the expert eye of our craftsmen guarantee you quality soaps, some of which are certified organic.

When you enter our house, you will be immersed in the flavors of our soaps: olive delicately blending with verbena, rose or lily of the valley. You will discover our unmissable Genuine Pure Vegetable Marseille Soap, green with olive oil or white, but also our scented soaps, our mild shampoos and our products for cleaning linen and the home.

Anxious to offer you quality but also economical products, you can take advantage of our offers of bulk soaps, our sachets of soaps by 5, our family sizes of shampoos or our black soaps in 3 liters. Don't forget to notice the famous “soap wall” in each of our stores! This fresco of Marseille soaps, cut, stamped and placed by hand will immerse you in the world of soap making. You will be able to admire our collection of century-old stamps.

For the welcome, no compromise: it is a warm, friendly and joyful welcome that our soap makers will reserve for you, whether it is our factory outlet in Salon de Provence or our shops in Salon de Provence, Aix en Provence, or Miramas! At each of our addresses, we are happy to share our universe with you and introduce you to authentic soaps of superior quality, extra gentle on the skin and respectful of the environment.

Visit our century-old soap factory or our modern Marseille soap factory

We open the doors of our soap factories to the public. Whether in our ancestral soap factory or our modern factory, let our soap artisans guide you in this adventure, eager to share with you with fervor and passion the ancestral art of soap making, which has been going on since 1828.

Ardent defender of Marseille soap, the real, Extra Pure, stamped 72%, only made from 100% vegetable oils, we share with you the secrets of its manufacture (saponification, washing, cooking, liquidation, etc.). You will learn that all our real Marseille soaps are molded using installations dating from the 1960s. Dried in the open air on wooden canisses, the quality of our soaps is checked one last time by our soap artisans, by hand. , to guarantee you an inimitable quality.