Savon de Marseille pour le linge

Marseille soap for laundry

Known worldwide for its benefits for the skin, Marseille soap can be used in many ways. Discover our flakes of Marseille soapspecially designed for washing textiles by hand or machinethanks to their strong 100% natural cleaning power. Forget chemical detergents: Marseille soap flakes take care of your laundry in a responsible way!



Marseille soap detergent: naturally effective and hypoallergenic

Use flakes and shavings of Marseille soap to do your laundryguarantees effective washing, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Indeed, Marseille soap is made from exclusively natural and tested components (vegetable oil or olive oil) without the addition of chemicals. Its natural stain-removing and disinfecting properties, as well as its softening properties, make Marseille soap an essential ally for cleaning all your textiles, from the most resistant to the most delicate. Free from aggressive or harmful chemicals, Marseille soap detergent washes your clothes and textiles very gently and does not risk causing skin irritation when in contact with the skin (whether during hand washing or just wearing the garment). Naturally scented according to your desires, Marseille soap flakes are particularly recommended for the maintenance of baby clothes or people with fragile skin.

In flakes or shavings, by hand or by machine: it's up to you to choose your detergent with Marseille soap!

Marseille soap flakes and shavings are specially designed to be used as is in washing. For hand washing, immerse your laundry in a basin of hot or cold water and directly add a dose of powdered soap flakes (One dose corresponds to approximately 20g of flakes, i.e. the equivalent of one handle). In the washing machine, you can place your Marseille soap shavings directly in the drum, counting one to two doses depending on the amount of laundry to be washed. Discover our advice for amachine wash with sequins below 40°Cand for onemachine wash above 40°C.You can also make your own ready-to-use liquid Marseille soap detergent! Pour your crushed flakes or shavings into a jar and dilute them with hot water. You will be able to use it even more quickly and easily!