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Marseille liquid soap Rose de Grasse 1L
Marseille liquid soap Rose de Grasse 1L
Sale price 10,99 €
Shower gel certified organic Orange Blossom 1L - Ecocert Organic Cosmetics
Marseille soap with olive oil 150g - Cosmos Natural
Marseille soap with olive oil 150g - Cosmos Natural
Sale price 2,89 €

Visit of our soap factory

Installed since 1907 in Salon de Provence, the Capital of Soap since 1873, the Rampal Latour soap factory opens the doors of its workshops to you all year round. We welcome you for free visits to our two production sites : our historic factory which immerses you in the heart of authenticity and tradition, and our modern factory which immerses you in the world of Marseille soap making. In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the guided tour will lead you to discover the Rampal latour know-how which dates back to 1828, and the profession of master soap makers through time. Welcome to the extraordinary universe of our soap factory, where tradition rhymes with innovation, and authenticity with respect for Man and Nature.


The history of the Rampal soap factory began in 1828 when Pierre Rampal became Master Soapmaker at the Court-de-Payen soap factory in Marseille. From then on, 5 generations of Master Soapmakers succeeded him. Among them, his grandson Pierre Rampal, who received gold medals at the Universal Exhibition in 1900. He settled in Salon de Provence, with the opening in 1907 of the ''Rampal-Fils'' soap factory. at 71, rue Félix Pyat. 1 century later, René Rampal, grandson of Pierre Rampal, passed on his artisanal soap factory ''Rampal Patou'' to Jean-Louis Plot. A new brand is born: ''Rampal Latour'' , guardian of an authentic ancestral know-how. Created in 2008 at Salon de Provance, the range of certified organic shower shampoos won an award at the New York international trade fair, ''New York Gift Show'' in 2010.

Discover our superior quality Marseille soap, a cult product of Provence and the French art of living, made in the cauldrons of our modern factory, created in 2016 in Salon de Provence, respecting the traditional method "à la Marseillaise". With its two patents obtained at the end of 2019, our manufacturing respects the environment, and its use allows a real, unprecedented and unique benefit for the skin. We are proud to offer you our Marseille soap, authentic and softer for the skin.