Recognize a real Marseille soap

When in 1688 Colbert wrote his Edict to set the criteria that defined Marseille soap, this noble product already enjoyed great renown. To preserve the authenticity of its manufacture and protect consumers, a rule is essential. Rampal Latour is part of this ancient tradition.

Marseille soap by Rampal Latour

Made in Provence, in a cauldron, according to the traditional process known as "Marseille", and exclusively based on 100% pure vegetable oils, our Marseille soap is purer than extra pure! We are happy to present you an exceptional soap: Marseille soap signed Rampal Latour.

Virtues and uses of Marseille soap

Marseille soap is fascinating for its natural and multi-purpose nature: soft and soothing, as many dermatologists attest, it is also practical, economical and ecological. Full of history and virtues, it is famous all over the world and has become quite simply indispensable!

The Art of Marseille Soap, an ancestral industry

Soap makers, the Rampal Latour soap factory is part of the heritage of French craftsmanship by making authentic soaps of inimitable quality since 1828 in Provence.