Savon liquide de Marseille

Marseille liquid soap

In the same way as real Marseille soap, Rampal Latour liquid Marseille soap is madeusing the traditional cauldron methodbased on 100% saponified vegetable oils. Naturally rich in moisturizing and superfatted glycerin, it can be used several times a day because it does not dry out the skin. It is therefore ideal forhand washing, and can also accompany you tobody wash.


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Marseille liquid soap Provençal lavender 500ml - Olympique de Marseille
Liquid Marseille soap Rose de Grasse 3L
Marseille liquid soap Vine peach 3L

The benefits of Marseille soap in liquid form

THEMarseille's soapis recognized worldwide for its benefits for the skin. Known in its traditional cube shape (white, green or black stamped "Marseille soap"), Marseille soap in liquid form does not exist as such, but in the same way as real Marseille soap, Rampal Latour Marseille liquid soap is made using the traditional method in a cauldron using 100% saponified vegetable oils. It gently cleans hands and body and is made with nourishing olive oil. The classic Marseille soap bar has many virtues, but is not always easy to handle with wet hands. To avoid slippery soap, the Rampal Latour soap factory has developed a whole range of liquid Marseille soaps. Practical to use thanks to a packaging adapted to the bathroom, liquid Marseille soap brings you all the moisturizing, nourishing and restorative qualities of Marseille soap with each hand or body wash. Its creamy, soft and fragrant foam immediately transports you to the Provence sun for a moment of relaxation and guaranteed pleasure.

Classic or organic Marseille liquid soap, adapted to your desires

Based on 100% saponified vegetable oils, gentle on the skin and respectful of the environment,Marseille liquid soap also exists in an organic version, for the most fragile skin and is particularly recommended for the toilet of pregnant women, infants and babies. Free from aggressive or harmful chemicals, organic Marseille liquid soap washes gently, without dryness or irritation. Since 1828, the Rampal Latour soap factory has preserved its know-how and perpetuated the tradition of Marseille soap by continuing to produce it according to the rules of the art. But Rampal Latour also knows how to innovate and adapt to the new needs of its customers while preserving the rich capital of Marseille soap. Marseille Rampal Latour liquid soaps are therefore made according to the traditional method in a cauldron using 100% saponified vegetable oils, without dyes, without parabens, without EDTA, without BHT, without PEG for intense and lasting hydration of the skin while slowly. The packaging is refillable and recyclable, different formats:50cl,1LOr3L. And to enhance your experience, our soap factory has developed various 100% natural fragrances for you. To theVine peach, AtProvencal lavender, to theVerbena, AtGreen teaand at theRose of Grasse, a Marseille liquid soap for each of your desires and moods!