Taketake care of your body every dayis essential to preserve the hygiene and well-being of the skin, including the most sensitive. For our soap makers, to offer yougood and safe toiletriesis a priority. With our range of body care formulated with ingredients of natural origin, all skin types are protected on a daily basis. Discover oursurgras soapsAndMarseille soapsfor the body, as well as ourliquid soaps,shower gelAndcare milksfor the toilet.


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Liquid Marseille soap Rose de Grasse 3L
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A range of body care products suitable for all skin types

In order to take care of your body every day, we have designed a wide range of toiletries, suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile. Between the traditional bread ofMarseille's soapmade according to the Marseille tradition, thesurgras solid soap, THEMarseille liquid soapscooked in a cauldron, andcertified organic shower gelsformulated with aloe vera, everyone will find the body product made for them. To complete the range, we offer certified organic products with the Safelife label, such asmoisturizing body lotions, an intimate hygiene gel, and a shower cream adapted topregnant women.

The Marseille tradition for a solid soap suitable for body care

For frequent cleaning of the skin of the hands and body, we make authentic Marseille soap in a cauldron in accordance with tradition. Designed with ingredients of natural origin and purified vegetable oils, it is very effective for body hygiene and hand washing because it is moisturizing. Prepared with care, our Marseille soap suitable for body care comes in two colors: green with olive oil that does not dry out the skin, or white with 100% vegetable oils that moisturize it. Recognized for its quality and softness, it is made in our workshops in Salon de Provence, in the heart of a historic soap-producing region.

Gentle and economical body soaps

As early as 1935, our soap factory began to manufacture soaps for personal hygiene. These surgras soaps are particularly suitable for washing the body, hands and face. Formulated from raw materials of natural origin, they are enriched with sweet almond oil, known to promote the reconstitution of the skin's hydrolipidic film. Soft and economical, body care soaps are available in a wide variety of fragrances. To protect the immature skin of the little ones, we have developed asurgras soap for babies, made from Marseille soap and organic olive oil. It is also suitable for the whole family. Soft and 100% of natural origin, it excludes from its formulation more than 180 endocrine disruptors and allergens listed by Safelife.

Liquid body soaps with delicate fragrances

To meet all your needs, our soap makers have also formulated liquid soaps for body care. Our certified organic Marseille liquid soap is perfect for gently cleansing the body and hands. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, it is formulated to reduce the risk of allergies. Saponified with olive oil and organic coconut oil, it nourishes, softens, purifies and softens the skin. This range of liquid Marseille soaps for the body, cooked in a cauldron, is also composed of perfumed soaps and naturally rich in moisturizing glycerin. Cleansing and purifying at the same time, theshower gel ''Geneviève Patou'', rich in nourishing olive oil, was created in 1998. With its cleansing base of plant origin, it soothes and moisturizes daily to preserve the skin. Since then, the family of shower gels and shower shampoos has expanded with certified organic products, available in different scents such as orange blossom, almond, lavandin, Damask rose, or even green orange. Made in Salon de Provence with organic aloe vera and natural ingredients with beneficial dermatological properties, they provide daily healthy care and diversity. Also discover for the most sensitive skin, our products certified organic and labeled Safelife, tested under dermatological control: the shower cream, and the intimate hygiene gel suitable for pregnant women, or the moisturizing care milk designed for skin care. mature. These products, formulated with Marseille soap, apply a precautionary principle in order to exclude potential allergens and endocrine disruptors from their composition, thus making products labeled Safelife safer than all other existing labels.

Natural and healthy ingredients

We choose our raw materials for their beneficial properties and their natural character. For example, our surgras body soaps include aromatic essential oils like soothing lavender essential oil. We also use, depending on the fragrance, nourishing honey, moisturizing argan oil, purifying clay. Finally, a large part of our toiletries and body care products are certified organic or labeled COSMOS Natural.