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To please your loved ones or to take care of your skin, we have created gift boxes made up of soaps made by our soap artisans in our workshops in Salon de Provence, sometimes accompanied by clever toiletries. Made up of a selection of Marseille soaps, solid scented soaps, liquid soaps, or even shower gel, they are perfect for discovering Rampal Latour products. You will inevitably find the gift composition you want, for yourself or to offer to your loved ones.


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Rampal Latour Gift Card
Rampal Latour Gift Card
Rampal Latour Gift Card
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Coffret sur un air de lavande
Coffret pause rafraichissante
Coffret bouquet de roses
Coffret champ de lavande
Coffret chant des cigales
Coffret douceurs provençales

Soap boxes to offer or treat yourself

Because all excuses are good to please your loved ones, discover selections of gift boxes bringing together our flagship products. Rediscover the traditional moisturizing Marseille soap with purified or non-drying vegetable oils with olive oil, and the historic shower shampoo from the Rampal Latour soap factory. Vary the sensory pleasures with boxes made up of surgras soaps or delicately scented liquid soaps, and enjoy the nourishing and soothing benefits of our solid and liquid soaps, for daily use. To satisfy as many people as possible, we have created gift boxes made up of products suitable for women, men, or the whole family. From authentic Marseille soap, to soaps with delicate and fruity scents, totoilet accessories, we have selected the best products to offer to your loved ones in all circumstances. An event to celebrate ? Select one of our compositions to discover Rampal Latour skincare products in themed gift boxes. Find traditional Provençal scents with the ''Classic Lavender'' or ''Precious Lavender'' boxes, very gentle on the skin, or discover the tradition of real Marseille soap, whether green or olive oil, or white with 100% vegetable oils. Also take advantage of the multi-flavor boxes, such as the ''Macarons'' or ''Plaisir'' boxes to discover assortments of handcrafted products, which take care of your skin on a daily basis. Discover our ''Hand care'' box or our thematic selections around pleasant, fruity scents with multiple dermatological properties: nourishing, softening, soothing, regenerating, exfoliating or purifying.

Soaps with ingredients of natural origin that take care of your skin

Formulated with ingredients of natural origin, the products that make up our gift sets are suitable for all skin types. Rich in 100% vegetable oils, they effectively cleanse and preserve the epidermis. Thanks to the hydration provided by the natural glycerin contained in our soaps, your skin is nourished and protected. By cleaning your hands and your body, the hydrolipidic film of your skin is preserved to avoid tightness due to skin dryness. To perfume and color the soaps in our gift boxes, we use natural pigments such as mineral powders or purifying green clay. We ensure the quality of our raw materials to offer you the best cosmetic care. We select essential oils and flowers with antiseptic and soothing benefits. We favor raw materials produced not far from our workshops. Our lavandin essential oil is grown in the Drôme Provençale. To vary the pleasures and aromatic notes, we use Rose de Grasse as well as lavender, fig, vine peach, lilac, green tea or almond. We choose precisely dosed perfumes, coming from the best perfumers in France, as in Grasse, capital of perfumery. Demanding, we look for the best to make our soaps. To go even further in our quest for natural raw materials, in 2008 we created an organic range certified by Ecocert Greenlife. Fruit of a meticulously maintained know-how and a thirst for innovation, we have designed organic soaps and care products with multiple virtues. Hypoallergenic or scented, surgras, soothing, nourishing, exfoliating or purifying, they are handcrafted in Salon de Provence with a simple formulation.

A soap factory for which tradition and innovation are compatible

Anxious to preserve the quality of real Marseille soap, while making everyday life easier, the Rampals have always been innovative. Since 1828, they have maintained aancestral know-how. As early as 1935, the Rampal soap factory created its very first practical and superfatted soap bar for the toilet. In 1951, the Rampal soap factory continued its work by launching a unique product: the 3 in 1 shampoo for hair, body and bubble bath. True to tradition, this shower shampoo called ''Geneviève Patou'' is formulated with soothing honey and scented with honeysuckle. Even today, it is a must that everyone likes. In the heart of Provence, master soapmakers continue to produce authenticMarseille's soap, from ingredients of natural origin to help you take care of yourself every day.