To answer to thespecific needs of infants, we have created a range ofhypoallergenic products. Based on moisturizing Marseille soap, ourbaby careare designed with expert toxicologists and dermatologists, andapply a principle of prevention, making it possible to exclude more than 180 endocrine disruptors or potential allergens from the formulation. To protect the fragile skin of infants as much as possible, we pay particular attention to our superfatted soap and our baby washes.Dermatologically tested, they are perfectly suited to the immature skin of children, from birth.

A range of hypoallergenic, healthy and safe baby care products

Safelife certified, our range of baby soaps and care productsapplies a precautionary principleto protect the immature skin of toddlers. While infants' skin only becomes mature around the age of 2 or 3, vigilance in terms of care and hygiene remains essential for children.Offer the safestto your baby is your priority, but also ours. This is why our superfatted soap, our cleansing milk and our baby washing gel are formulated jointly with experts, excluding more than 180 potentially dangerous ingredients listed by Safelife. We do not useendocrine disruptor, nor allergens or nanomaterials which could cross the skin barrier of immature skin of infants. We also exclude sulfates, EDTA, PEG and coloring agents. Without perfume or alcohol, our baby care products are healthy, gentle and formulated to minimize the risk of allergies for the whole family. The Safelife label offers a guarantee of safety superior to all other existing labels. Manufactured withMarseille's soapnaturally rich in glycerin with moisturizing properties, our superfatted soap and our liquid care products designed for babies protect, moisturize and gently cleanse the most fragile skin. Our range of Safelife labeled products also includes an intimate hygiene gel, a shower cream and a massage gel perfectly suited to future mothers. Completely adapted to the immature and permeable skin of toddlers, our soap superfats and our liquid baby care products aretested under dermatological control, and formulated from 100% natural ingredients.

Treatments that cleanse and moisturize the most sensitive skin

To gently wash your baby's skin, we have developed suitable cleansing and moisturizing treatments, formulated with ingredients of natural origin. Soft, they delicately cleanse the most fragile skin, soothing it. To adapt to your uses, the range is complete: cleansing gel, cleansing milk or superfatted soap, the treatments designed for babies are formulated from extra-pure Marseille soap, with natural moisturizing glycerin. Rich in organic aloe vera, they soothe tight, weakened skin and restore softness to the skin. It is smoother, more supple, and regains its elasticity. Made with organic olive oil, rich in vitamin E, our baby care products have both a protective and softening role. Designed for infants with delicate skin, they are also suitable for the whole family for daily use. With our dermatologically tested soap and baby washes, the skin is clean and healthy, without drying out or feeling tight.

Babies' skin, fragile and immature

When they are born, infants have skin 3 to 5 times thinner than that of adults. It is then more permeable and delicate. It acts like a sponge, easily absorbing substances contained in cosmetic products.Protect the fragile and immature skin of the little onesis therefore essential when choosing the right daily baby care. Endocrine disruptors, nanomaterials, parabens or perfumes, there are many potentially toxic ingredients capable of penetrating babies' epidermis. At Rampal Latour, we are keen to offer the safest for your baby. Our range of baby soaps is Safelife certified. This label is more demanding than organic labels because it is based on a precautionary principle, which excludes potentially toxic substances, even if their harmfulness has not been proven.