Lavage à la main

Hand washing

Washing laundry by hand with glitter
Washing linen by hand with Marseille soap shavings
Ecological liquid laundry detergent
Cotton or lycra, wool or silk, plain or colored, delicate or fragile, linen loves the glitter and shavings of Rampal Latour Marseille soap. They are hypoallergenic, natural, authentic and ecological.

For household linen as well as for clothing, pure soap flakes and Marseille soap shavings gently wash: baby clothes, cotton, synthetics, wool, silk, lace, jeans, canvas, etc. * In addition to their effectiveness in the machine, Rampal Latour sequins seduce by their respect for fragile and delicate laundry, as well as by the gentleness of the wash.

*Refer to the washing instructions on the labels of your laundry before use.
Dosage advice for hand washing with Rampal Latour glitter
Fill your basin or sink halfway with laundry. Cover your laundry with hot or cold water. Take between 15 and 20 g of glitter (approximately 1 handful or using the glitter dispenser) and crush them well in your hand to reduce them to powder. Put the glitter in a recycled jam jar or shaker. Add hot water to halfway up the container. Shake vigorously. Pour the prediluted preparation directly onto your laundry. Stir the laundry to soak it in the preparation. Leave to soak for 15 minutes. Rinse the laundry and wring it gently before hanging it to dry.
Old-fashioned hand washing
Welcome to Salon-de-Provence for the Renaissance Festival. A unique event to commemorate the royal visit of Queen Catherine de Medici and her son Charles IX which she granted to the commune of Salon in 1564... a visit during which she met Nostradamus. The Salonais mage, astrologer, already famous for his centuries, would then have predicted that the Queen's nephew, Henri de Navarre, would ascend the throne of France.

It is in this atmosphere of joyful costumed festivities that our washerwomen went to look in our old 14,000 liter cauldrons for an enormous raw and honeycombed plate of Marseille soap, a “vintage” more than 20 years old… An experience unique for washing your hands, the old-fashioned way, with the Must of Marseille soap. Like good wine, the drier the Marseille soap, the more it develops and releases a generous and creamy foam. An extra dry soap where the water has evaporated over time for a maximum concentration of fatty substances.

All the passers-by wanted to live the experience… from the youngest to the oldest…. with a certain local pride, happy to live in the town of Salon, capital of oils awarded a prize at the Universal Exhibition in 1900 for its trade in oil, soap and coffee…. happy to belong to the city which still contributes today to bringing the quality of its famous Marseille soap to the other side of the world thanks to the activity of the Rampal Latour soap factory.

An original way to share our desire to defend the manufacturing of good, real, simple and authentic products. An opportunity to discover or rediscover all the virtues of our Marseille soap, Extra Pure, traditional, “72%”, without preservatives, without artificial coloring, without perfume…

…the essential Marseille soap, daily, beneficial for all generations.

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