Lavage en machine du linge à la lessive liquide

Machine wash laundry with liquid detergent

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Ecological liquid laundry detergent
Cotton or lycra, wool or silk, plain or patterned, delicate or fragile, linen loves liquid detergent from Marseille Rampal Latour. It naturally cleans and protects colors.

For colored laundry, even black or dark, in the home as well as for clothes, Marseille Rampal Latour liquid detergent washes everything gently: baby clothes, cotton, synthetics, wool, silk, lace, jeans, canvas, etc. *

*Refer to the washing instructions on the labels of your laundry before use.
Instructions for use for a 5kg machine and hand wash
Fill your machine half full with laundry. For dirty laundry, pour 50ml (1/4 glass or 3 to 4 tablespoons) into the center of the laundry, directly into the drum. Add the rest of the laundry. Start the cycle of your machine. For very dirty laundry, pour 75ml.
When using by hand, dilute 30ml for 5l of water.

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