Savon noir pour le sport

Black soap for sports

In wood or plastic, leather or synthetic material, nylon or metal… sports accessories like Rampal Latour black soap. It is natural, simple and good.

It cleans, nourishes and protects: sports shoes, sneakers, rackets, balls, golf clubs, motorcycle or bicycle helmets, horse saddles, stirrups, backpacks, pétanque balls, boat furniture, swimming pool accessories, etc. To fully benefit from its virtues, follow the advice of our artisan soap makers.

*Refer to the manufacturer's instructions before use.
For the maintenance of sports equipment
To clean and nourish: use neat on a slightly damp microfiber cloth and let dry without rinsing. To clean stubborn dirt (traces of earth, grass, etc.): use undiluted on a slightly damp microfiber cloth, rub (with a brush if necessary). Clean your wipe with lukewarm water and repeat the process until the dirt disappears. To polish, wipe by massaging with a dry microfiber cloth on which you will place a dab of pure black soap.
In addition to its softness for the hands, Rampal Latour Black Soap will seduce with its fragrance: the soothing freshness of lavandin essential oils harvested and distilled in Drôme Provençale. Natural, it does not contain super-foaming agents, phosphates, artificial colorings or solvents.

Based on 100% vegetable oils, its waste is easily biodegradable and respects the environment. Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert, it is ecological and economical, you can wash your accessories using very little water.

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