Savon de Marseille pour éloigner les mites vestimentaires

Marseille soap to keep clothes moths away

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Layette or suits, dresses, lingerie, t-shirt or sweater, clothes like Rampal Latour Marseille soap. Based on ingredients of natural origin, simple and good.

Inside and outside the wardrobe, your cupboards or drawers, it helps protect and keep moths away from your clothes. To fully benefit from the virtues of our Marseille soap, follow the advice of our master soapmakers and washerwomen of yesteryear.
Slip the Marseille soap into the drawers or into your clothing pockets, into your laundry piles, between the sheets...: the natural and very particular smell of Marseille soap helps to repellently ward off clothes moths.
Protected laundry that smells clean
Nothing beats tradition: Our washerwomen of yesteryear had a practical sense! They understood that the more they dried their Marseille soap, the longer it lasted while becoming even more effective! So, by drying the Marseille soap in the cupboards, they noticed that the natural smell of Marseille soap was a repellent against clothes moths! So, to your cupboards, drawers, cupboards, wardrobes…

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