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Transmission of the unique know-how of the Rampals in 2004

An inspired leader

Jean-Louis Plot lets another ambition take shape:"to improve people's lives"

The meeting in 2004 between Jean-Louis Plot and René Rampal (great-grandson of Pierre Rampal, founder of the soap factory) opened a new page in the history of the house, marked by a deep bond. Like a grandfather with his grandson, René Rampal, aged 87, transmits to Jean-Louis Plot everythinghis know-how as a soap maker, whose recipes have been carefully kept within the family for almost two centuries.

Shared values, respect for heritage and the same taste for innovation. For Jean-Louis Plot, this meeting represents both the fulfillment of a long-standing aspiration and the start of a whole new life: at the age of 35, alongside his wife and children, he takes over a business to make it grow, develop it and open it to the world. His training (AGRO and HEC Entreprise) and his professional experience (World Bank, Mars Food) prepared him for this. His new team, which for more than 15 years has continued to grow, has lent him his confidence. The adventure took off.

Convinced of the uniqueness of the Rampal soap factory and the quality of its products resulting, among other things, from the authenticity of artisanal production, Jean-Louis Plot lets another ambition take shape:"to improve people's lives", transforming their daily lives. His rigorous and personal quest keeps in his heart the human relationship of which soap becomes the messenger, the witness and a raison d'être.

A committed entrepreneur

Ten years after the transmission by René Rampal, the adventure continues its momentum...

In the old factory on rue Félix Pyat, each soap tells a story. A story that comes to life in the skilful and respectful hands of our soap artisans who are proud to give birth to quality, authentic soaps, the result of historical know-how rooted in the tradition and culture of Provence. It is on the strength of this unique heritage transmitted by five generations of Master Soapmakers that Jean-Louis Plot takes over the soap factory.

And so since 1828, each new generation has made its unique contribution as a soap maker in the soap factory, both as Artisan and Creator. More than 15 years after the transmission by René Rampal, the adventure continues its momentum and confirms Rampal Latour's commitment to the noble profession of artisan soap maker. Shared values, respect for heritage and quality of authentic soaps make up the new pages of this committed human adventure.

Such an approach, based on creation and relationship, illustrates the know-how of a house that has placed respect, the joy of sharing and people at the heart of its quest. A resolutely Rampal Latour signature, with finesse and delicacy.

Jean-Louis Plot, inherited from a know-how

“At Rampal Latour, we manufacture quality soap that you can trust, a source of well-being, which transforms everyday life. »

Jean-Louis Plot has always cultivated a garden full of projects. From its mythical traditional soaps, from which it inherited the secret formulations that deploy time over time, it revealscertified organic soapsof today, who come to draw their inspiration from the family heritage of Rampal Latour. Thus, Clay-Verbena, Sage-Bergamot, Honey-Grapefruit enrich the olfactory heritage of the soap factory, continuing its exploration of scents that are both sober and intense, evoking Provence so deeply linked to the Rampal Latour universe.

Faithful to this spirit, Jean-Louis Plot built the development of the soap factory both as a demanding craftsman and a dynamic leader. But it was by counting on his vocation as an entrepreneur that he conquered new markets and made the soap factory grow, in an inventive fidelity to the essential values ​​received from the founders.