Savon noir pour le cuir

Black soap for leather

Modern or old, patinated or new, natural or synthetic, leathers love Rampal Latour black soap. It is natural, simple and good.

It cleans, maintains, protects and nourishes: belts, sofas, armchairs, gloves, shoes, boots, clothing, luggage, handbags, watch straps, saddle leather... One exception: leather tinted*. To fully benefit from its virtues, follow the advice of our artisan soap makers.

*Before using black soap on any leather, do a test on a small invisible surface. If the color does not budge, you can use black soap. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions before use.
For the care of leather materials
Use neat on a dry or slightly damp wipe and massage into the leather like a balm. To nourish deeply, buff with a dry wipe.
In addition to a satin shine, Rampal Latour black soap will seduce with its scents: the soothing virtues of lavender or the delicious sweetness of almond, your choice.

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