Le savon de Marseille, le cube aux milles applications et vertus pour la maison…

Marseille soap, the cube with a thousand applications and virtues for the home…

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Marseille soap is fascinating for its natural and multi-use character: gentle and soothing, as many dermatologists attest, it is also practical, economical and ecological. Full of history and virtues, it is famous throughout the world and has become simply indispensable!

An emblematic product of the Bouches du Rhône and its industrial history, Marseille soap is currently experiencing renewed interest. Consumers looking for authenticity and simplicity find in this timeless classic a surprisingly effective product for home maintenance, reassuring with its healthy and natural character.

Rampal Latour gives you an inventory of the different applications that we readily lend to the famous Marseille soap. A listing which will undoubtedly allow you to offer a new place of choice to this legendary soap for the maintenance, from floor to ceiling, of the entire house...
Marseille soap for cleaning floors and tiles in the house
Biodegradable, ecological, economical and practical, it seduces with its composition made from 100% vegetable oils, without coloring or any synthetic adjuvant. Marseille soap, grated or in shavings, mixed in a bucket of hot water with two glasses of white vinegar, turns out to be a very effective cleaner for maintaining your floors. It cleanses, deeply nourishes and shines all types of floors: tiles, terracotta tiles, slates, ceramics, plastic coatings, terracotta, marble, wooden floors, etc. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, its use allows babies to walk at four paws on healthy soil free of all chemical agents.
Marseille soap for cleaning greased surfaces, work surfaces, stoves, etc.
With Marseille soap, your kitchen will have an essential ally. Thanks to its strong degreasing and purifying power, it eliminates grease and stains encrusted on many surfaces: stoves, hobs, hoods, ovens, worktops, sinks, etc. A little Marseille soap on a sponge, to apply on your equipment, allows the kitchen to regain shine and cleanliness, accompanied by a sweet, fresh scent which diffuses throughout the house.
Marseille soap to naturally remove stains from clothes and household linen
Marseille soap is very popular for cleaning laundry throughout the house, and the clothes of young and old alike. Thanks to its stain removal and hypoallergenic properties, it allows you to wash the laundry of allergy sufferers and babies with complete confidence. It respects all types of fibers, even the most fragile (cotton, silk, lace, etc.), which makes it a soap of choice, used daily for generations for hand washing laundry. To fully benefit from its virtues, we suggest you find application advice from our master soap makers.

Rampal Latour manufactures using the “Marseillais” process in his Salon de Provence soap factory, a soap from exclusively vegetable oils, by hot saponification in a cauldron. Used in shavings as a base for "homemade" laundry detergent, it is your economical and effective ally, gentle on laundry and gentle on the skin.
Marseille soap for wood and gardening
Marseille soap can also be used to reduce the sound of creaking wood or to help a piece of furniture or a wooden drawer close better. Its use is not only limited to the interior of the house but extends to the exterior of the home. It is an excellent anti-aphid and mealybug agent, used by gardeners who appreciate this 100% natural and ecological friend, which helps them to naturally take care of their garden.

Enjoy the authenticity and effectiveness of real Marseille soap, made in a cauldron using a Marseille process improved to be more ecological, by the Rampal Latour soap factory. A simple, good and true soap, with multiple uses and virtues for the maintenance of the entire house.

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