Free tour of our modern factory

In 1907, the Rampal Latour soap factory opened its doors in Salon de Provence. More than 100 years later, the soap factory continues to keep the tradition of Marseille soap alive, and is expanding with the construction of a second production plant in Salon de Provence.

Dive into the world ofmaking Marseille soapthrough the visit of our modern factory, inaugurated in 2016. At the feet of our cauldrons, discover the mysteries of the manufacture of the traditional Savon de Marseille from yesterday to today, from the reception of our oils, until the drying on canisses… You will also see our workshop for the manufacture ofshower shampoos, and the mythicalblack soap!

Step by step, you will discover the history of a tradition that has never stopped innovating. Redesigned manufacturing workshops to preserve the authenticity of the products and integrate our concerns of respect for man and Nature. With our guide, you will discover the history of the profession of master soap makers, the workshops for the manufacture of our shampoos and shower gel, but also our workshop for the manufacture of Marseille soap. Unusual discovery between cauldrons, traditional method and innovation to meet today's expectations. Between tradition and innovation, always with respect and passion. Come and share with us this adventure, and the deep desire to promote Marseille soap and the Provençal art of living.

Free guided tours

Visiting hours:
Wednesday to Saturday at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Only by reservation
online or by phone at09 70 71 60 93.

Meet 20 minutes before the start of the visit at:
201 impasse Gaspard Monge
13300 Salon-de-Provence
Bel Air district, behind the Crau racecourse.
Customer parking at the foot of the shop.
Accessible by the Bel Air district (D113) or by the A54 motorway, exit 13 or exit 14.
Access map,Click here.

For privatized group visits, please contact us to book or if you have any questions regarding the visits:09 70 71 60 93.

Rampal Latour brings the local heritage to life and perpetuates the know-how of the soap makers in Salon de Provence.

Salon de Provence is known to be the“City of Soapmakers”. Indeed with more than 12 soap factories in the city at the beginning of the last century, the economy and the wealth of the city were built around its soap factories.

The Rampal Latour soap factory has passed through the generations with its good, simple and genuine products. This success is driven by the daily care given to the quality of our soaps but also by the deep desire to constantly seek to improve in order to best meet the expectations of our contemporaries. With its pioneering spirit, the soap factory has always innovated while respecting the tradition that has been handed down to us.

Today the soap factory continues to develop and innovate by opening a second factory in Salon de Provence. Visible from the highway, it is located in the Bel Air district, behind the Crau racecourse. At the end of 2021, a new extension will complete the production center, where we have transferred the manufacture of our soap flakes for laundry, and of all our scented soaps (formerly manufactured at the historic factory rue Félix Pyat in Salon).

A new factory for the manufacture of Marseille soap that is both traditional and innovative.

This modern factory will honor Marseille soap since it is in these new walls that all our Marseille soaps will be produced. We have invested in a new production line to offer all the conditions necessary for the complete production of an exceptional Marseille soap: both respectful of tradition and resolutely innovative.

Always made in a cauldron according to the method"Marseille", exclusively from 100% vegetable oils, without perfumes, without dyes, without additives and without preservatives, Rampal Latour Marseille soaps respect the tradition that has been passed down to us from generation to generation. But today our Marseille soaps are also softer for the skin and for Nature.

Softer for the skin becauseafter 3 years of research, we have developed in this modern factory anew manufacturing processwhich allows us to keep the glycerin known for its protective and moisturizing properties at the heart of the soap. Kinder to Nature because this new processconsumes up to 7 times less energy and up to 4 times less water. Thus this new factory allows us to innovate and rediscover all the authenticity of the tradition of our Marseille soap.

A new factory that opens its doors to you for free or guided tours.

It is in a spirit of openness and exchange with our consumers that we open our doors to visits. We will be delighted to welcome you with family or friends. OURfactory Outletwill offer you all of our products for direct sale. We are open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You will discover Marseille soaps, shower shampoos and black soaps made on site, as well as our scented soaps and linen flakes made inthe historic factorystill in operation located in downtown Salon de Provence.

In free access, you can also discover our interactive tour to discover“the world of the master soap maker”. Vintage stamps used to stamp soaps, videos and discovery area of ​​Marseille soap will immerse you in the history of Marseille soap.

We also offer guided tours of the entire site. You will be able to discover our cauldrons installed in our manufacturing workshops as well as the entire manufacturing process. With someone from our team, you will enter our manufacturing workshops to better understand how our products are made and the values ​​we want to convey. We offer tours all year round.