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The Rampals, 5 Generations Of Soap Makers Since 1828

Our story begins in 1828 when Pierre Rampal became Master Soapmaker at the Court-de-Payen soap factory in Marseille.

His heirs will later settle in Salon-de-Provence. Among them, his grandson Pierre Rampal, Master Soapmaker at the Gounelle soap factory then producer of soaps and oil"The Riviera", will receive gold medals at the Universal Exhibition in 1900. It's the Belle Epoque! This global award will launch the first family brand.

In 1907, Pierre opened the doors of the soap factory"Rampal-Son"at 71, rue Félix Pyat. 100 years later, René Rampal, grandson of Pierre Rampal, passes on his artisanal soap makingRampal Patouto the family of Jean-Louis Plot.

A new brand is born:Rampal Latour, guardian of an authentic know-how.

1828:Pierre Rampal becomes a master soap maker at the Court-de-Payen soap factory in Marseille.

1907:Pierre Rampal opens the doors of the ''Rampal Fils'' soap factory on Rue Félix Pyat in Salon de Provence. Historic factory visit link.