When in 1945 the heirs of Pierre Rampal decided to transform his raw soap into extra fine petals, a new cult product was born. Traditional and modern at the same time, this new form of detergent enters Provençal homes, then crosses countries and generations, despite the tough competition from chemical powders. Of course, it is the quality test that will decide the fate of the sequins. For us, soap makers since 1828, flakes testify to the maturity of traditional know-how. Authentic, they must come from pure soap, with guaranteed 100% vegetable oils.


Each of the stages of production, and their skilful orchestration, will provide the glitter with very specific virtues: The glitter, with 100% vegetable, hypoallergenic or scented oils, provides the benefits of their virtues, for the skin, linen (even the most delicate or baby's) and the environment. The transformation of the soap into flakes, thanks to an extra fine grinding by 6 rollers, will guarantee them a refined texture, capable of acting to wash in depth. Drying the pure soap flakes in the open air for several days will reappear in the feeling of soft cleanliness, healthy and natural. Returned to the fork with care by our craftsmen to guarantee you a homogeneous quality, the flakes, once dried, will be weighed and packaged by their skilled and delicate hands. It is then that our pure soap flakes will be ready to be stirred in your machine or will be easily diluted by hand for a gentle and effective wash that respects the fibers of the linen, the skin and the environment. The effectiveness of the flakes is certified at all temperatures.


Flagship product of our Home range, Rampal Latour pure scented soap flakes are natural and economical:

  • An easily biodegradable soap, of 100% vegetable origin: without cleaning agents and artificial color treatment agents; free of synthetic fragrances and fabric softeners; without parabens, EDTA, preservatives, super-foaming agents.
  • Our flakes greatly limit the impact of discharges on the environment,
  • Recyclable packaging,
  • Our commitment to the sustainable development of palm oil and against deforestation.

Marseille soap flakes are certified eco-detergent by Ecocert Greenlife.