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Solid shampoo

Our range of solid shampoos ismade with 10% of our moisturizing Marseille soapwith 100% purified vegetable oils. Fully designed andmade in our soap factory in Provence, our solid shampoos cleanse and purify your hair every day without drying it out. Easy to use, economical, and more ecological, they are designed exclusively from ingredients of natural origin.


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100% natural solid shampoos

Made up of 100% natural ingredients, our range of solid shampoos is certified COSMOS Natural by Ecocert Greenlife. It is entirely suitable for vegans because it does not use any animal raw materials. We carefully select our ingredients for their natural properties, opting in particular for surfactants of natural origin. All our solid shampoos are formulated with 10% of ourmoisturizing white Marseille soap. Designed in our cauldrons in Provence, in the pure tradition of the Marseille process, this soap contains at least 72% vegetable oils in its composition. It naturally contains glycerin with moisturizing properties for the skin. By incorporating white Marseille soap in the formulation of our solid shampoos, you will find its many advantages for the regular care of your hair: soft, extra pure, hypoallergenic and moisturizing for the skin. Although designed for hair care, Rampal Latour solid shampoos can also be used for body hygiene.

Vegetable oils adapted to each type of hair

Our solid shampoos are formulated with vegetable oils, selected according to their properties and benefits, to provide care and hydration to your hair. For example, oursolid shampoo for all hair typesIt is enriched with organic coconut oil to deeply hydrate the hair fiber. The hair is nourished without being weighed down. Thanks to its action, the hair fiber is restructured. Coconut oil promotes the cohesion of the scales of the hair to strengthen the hydrophobic barrier. For oily hair, our soap makers have favored organic jojoba oil in our solid shampoo for oily hair, to soften the hair. It will protect it from dehydration, while rebalancing the hair so that it is more supple and shinier. It will penetrate the hair fiber without leaving a greasy film. Because some hair may tend to dry out more easily, we have also designed asolid shampoo suitable for dry hairor tending to be dry. In order to restore shine and luster to your hair, we have selected organic olive oil from Provence for its natural benefits. Produced in Provence, a few kilometers from our workshops, it will protect and nourish the hair to make it less fragile and brittle. Soothing, it is particularly well tolerated by fragile skin to soothe sensitive and irritated scalps. So that the shower becomes your favorite moment of the day, our solid shampoos offer a melting and delicately scented foam with sweet, fresh or fruity notes.

Practical and ecological solid shampoos

With its very practical small format, your solid shampoo slips easily into your toiletry bag or sports bag. You can take it anywhere to gently clean and care for your hair. Thanks to a specially designed shape, it is easy to hold and use. It also dries faster. More ecological and economical than a classic liquid shampoo, the solid format eliminates plastic waste. Anxious to offer products that are healthy, safe, and respectful of both people and the environment, we have chosen packaging that does not contain any plastic waste. 100% made in France, the cardboard that covers and protects our solid shampoos is fully recyclable. It is made from FSC-certified cardboard (from sustainably managed forests). In an effort to reduce our carbon impact, we turned to local French producers. For example, our organic olive oil is produced by the Domaine de Canfier, only 35 km from our production workshop, in Robion in the Vaucluse.

A generous and melting foam for hair and body

Practical, effective and light, our solid shampoos have been designed to suit both your hair and your body. Gentle on the skin, they allow you to purify and cleanse your hair and your body without drying them out. To take advantage of all their softness, start by wetting your hair and your body. Then lather the shampoo in the palm of your hands before massaging your scalp and skin with this melting foam. Rinse well. Let your solid shampoo dry well upside down before storing it.