The range of historical shampoos ''Geneviève Patou'' was born in 1951 with the first shampoo developed by Rampal, to cleanse, protect and preserve the vitality of the skin. This 3 in 1 product was a revolution for hygiene at the time. Since then, we have created scented liquid shampoos, made in Salon de Provence with organic aloe vera and natural ingredients with beneficial dermatological properties. Finally, we have more recently designed solid shampoos to meet contemporary challenges, because take care of your scalp with safe products, respectful of the environment, and suitable for all hair types (oily, dry, normal) is essential.


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Solid shampoo for all hair types Almond 80g - Cosmos Natural Solid shampoo for all hair types Almond 80g - Cosmos Natural

To take care of the hair on a daily basis, we design a range of liquid and solid shampoos, and certified organic shower shampoos. In line with a soap-making know-how carefully maintained since 1828, the Rampal soap factory developed its first liquid shampoo in 1951. Enriched with honey and delicately scented with honeysuckle, it has been formulated to protect and preserve the vitality of normal and oily hair. It was a revolution for hygiene at the time. In 1998, this liquid shampoo was developed into a 3-in-1 shower shampoo with olive oil formulated for normal and dry-prone hair. Since 2008, the hair care family has been enriched with an organic range of scented liquid shampoos with beneficial dermatological properties. Acclaimed, this new range was awarded at the NEW YORK GIFT SHOW in 2010 and voted best organic range of the year. A series of solid shampoos has also been created to meet the new challenges of our time. Passionate about their job, our master soap makers continue to design safe treatments suitable for all hair types, with respect for the environment, people and tradition.

Natural hair-friendly shampoos

Thanks to unique formulations, we manufacture in our soap factory in Salon-de-Provence simple shampoos and shower shampoos, which respect the skin and hair. Extra gentle and made with ingredients of natural origin, they are suitable for fragile skin and sensitive scalps. The complementary virtues of our hair care products allow us to offer shampoos that adapt to all types of hair: dry, normal, oily. Thanks to certified organic shower shampoos, scented liquid shampoos, foamy and creamy solid shampoos, the hair is nourished, hydrated, softened. The scalp is soothed and purified. The hair is also refreshed, fortified and toned. To guarantee respectful hair care, we rely on the benefits of nature: we design products from ingredients of natural origin such as nourishing virgin olive oil and soothing organic sweet almond oil. Aloe vera and natural active ingredients derived from coconut and sunflower oils bring softness to your hair. Thanks to honey and clay, they are more pleasant to the touch, more silky. You find pleasure in leaving your hair free and supple. Floral or more invigorating fragrances subtly perfume them for a moment of well-being. We have always favored natural and respectful raw materials to help you take care of your hair. Because our hair care products resonate as closely as possible with changes in society, our soap factory has also designed a certified organic range containing 99% ingredients of natural origin or from organic farming, for products that are both authentic and ethical. Our liquid, solid and shower shampoos do not contain GMOs, silicones, parabens, paraffin, valine or glycols.

A family story in the heart of Provence

In 1828, Pierre Rampal forged the family history and several generations of innovative master soap makers succeeded him in the heart of Provence. During the 2nd World War, Germaine, daughter of master soap maker Jacques Rampal, took over the management of the company. Joined by René, her brother, in 1941, the duo innovated in a rapidly changing world. In 1951, they created together a 3-in-1 liquid shampoo (shampoo, shower, bubble bath) intended for hair and body care: the first ''Geneviève Patou'' shampoo. It has completely revolutionized hygiene by guaranteeing a creamy and generous foam and a fragrant pleasure. At a time when people were beginning to take care of their body and hair, this shampoo quickly became a staple in our soap factory. Even today, this authentic product remains faithful to the family tradition. Over the years, the Rampals have continued to maintain this traditional know-how. Each generation takes care to manufacture cosmetic and hygiene products locally, such as our hair care products. As early as 1907, the Rampal family set up its soap factory on rue Félix Pyat in Salon de Provence, the soap region of Marseille. More than 100 years later, our manufacturing workshops have evolved and a second modern factory has been created. Our manufacturing processes have thus been completely reworked to preserve the authenticity and quality of our products, while integrating the concerns of respect for people and nature. For more than 60 years, we have sought to bring you the best of nature in hair care, with simple, good and true shampoos and shower gels.