Savon de Marseille pour les mains

Companion of the toilet for several centuries,Marseille soap is a must in the bathroom. To gently cleanse your skin, discover our authentic Marseille soap in its formats adapted to thehand washing. Made in our soap factory in Salon-de-Provence, our Marseille soap ishypoallergenicAndmoisturizing. Formulated from water, salt, soda, purified vegetable oils, and nothing else, it is ideal for taking care of all skin types without drying out the epidermis.Certified COSMOS Naturalby Ecocert Greenlife, it is perfectly suited to fragile and delicate skin for frequent hand washing.



A natural Marseille soap moisturizing for the hands

Made from 100% natural ingredients, our Marseille soap for hands contains no perfumes, additives or preservatives. Thanks to our manufacturing process, we naturally preserve the glycerin produced during saponification. Made with olive oil, our extra-pure green Marseille soap contains 3% natural glycerin, as much as in most moisturizers. This glycerin allows it not to dry out the skin. Formulated with 100% purified vegetable oils, our white Marseille soap contains more than 7% glycerin, making it a moisturizing soap, recommended for frequent hand washing. Gentle, natural, zero-waste cleanser , our Marseille soap is healthy and respectful of the skin and the environment. He hasideal dermatological properties for fragile skin, and areas that require daily cleaning such as the hands. Both hypoallergenic and particularly hydrating, it cleans hands and body without dehydrating or drying out. In addition, its unctuous and creamy foam rinses off easily, moisturizes and protects the most sensitive skin, very gently. With its effective and healthy cleansing action, Rampal Latour Marseille soap suitable for hand washing is acclaimed from generation to generation for daily hygiene, in addition to laundry and home care. Thanks toits many virtues for the skin, it takes pride of place in your bathroom. To meet all uses, our real Marseille soap is available in different formats. For hand care, we recommend our Marseille soaps in 300g bars, 150g slabs or even 25g mini guest soaps. The iconic 600g cube is also suitable for fans of the traditional format.

The real Marseille soap made in a cauldron in Provence

OURMarseille's soap, particularly suitable for hand washing, is made in our soap factory in Provence. Anxious to preserve ancestral know-how dating back to 1828, our master soap makers perpetuate the tradition by continuing to produce superior quality Marseille soap. Respectful of the so-called ''Marseillaise'' production, our Marseille soaps are made in a cauldron. We carefully select high quality vegetable oils with expert toxicologists to obtain an extra-pure soap. Composed only of purified vegetable oils, water, salt and soda, it is easily biodegradable.

A patented eco-responsible manufacturing process that preserves natural glycerin

For nearly 2 centuries, the Rampals have been innovating, while perpetuating a know-how and a craftsmanship. By combining tradition and modernity, we have developed the method of making our real Marseille soap. Demanding and committed, we ensure the quality of our raw materials. This traditional manufacturing process, backed by 3 years of research, allows us in particular to keep the moisturizing glycerin naturally generated during the saponification process at the heart of the soap. Patented by the INPI since 2019, it also allows us to consume 4 times less water and 7 times less energy when making Marseille soap with olive oil. We wanted, in addition to offering an extra pure Marseille soap of superior quality for the skin, to meet the challenges of our time, in particular environmental expectations. We also ensure that there is no discharge into wastewater. Thanks to this unique technique, and to ingredients of great purity, our Marseille soap suitable for hand washing is certified COSMOS Natural by Ecocert Greenlife.