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Discover solid detergent inscented pure soap flakes, or inMarseille soap flakesauthentic for gentle, effective and economical laundry care. Designed to preserve both the laundry and the washing machine, the pure flake soap is ground 6 times and dried naturally by hand for several days. Marseille soap flakes, made in a cauldron in Salon de Provence, is hypoallergenic, which makes it particularly suitable for delicate laundry and sensitive skin.


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Lavandin pure laundry soap flakes 1.5kg

The flake soap: an economical and biodegradable detergent

Made from 100% vegetable oils, free of parabens and foaming agents, allRampal Latour pure soap flakesare readily biodegradable, and effective at all temperatures. Whether you wash your laundry in the machine or by hand, with shavings detergent, fragile laundry is respected thanks to the softening glycerin naturally contained in the soap, for greater comfort of use. Made with respect for tradition, our glitter laundry soap is suitable for all types of washing. Soft and delicately scented with Rose de Grasse, Vine peach, or even Lavandin, the flake detergent is effective at all temperatures, and much more economical than liquid detergent: 1 sachet of 1.5 kg allows you to make up to 100 washes of 5kg. Also find all the effectiveness of authentic Marseille soap in a detergent in shavings for a natural maintenance of your linen. Thanks to a strong effective cleaning power and zero waste, Marseille soap shavings will make you forget about industrial detergents.

A traditional manufacture in a cauldron of Marseille soap flakes

Soap makers in Provence since 1828, we take care of the skin of young and old by designing aMarseille's soapwhich does not dry out the epidermis. Respectful of tradition, we continue, even today, to manufacture our Marseille soap in shavings according to the traditional process in the cauldron, within our soap factory in Provence. We carefully select our raw materials and work with superior quality purified vegetable oils, in order to preserve all the original purity of real Marseille soap. Wishing to protect the artisanal manufacturing process of Marseille soap, while developing techniques to better meet the challenges of our time, we use an eco-responsible process patented by the INPI since 2019, which allows us to preserve the high quality of the flakes. of Marseille soap with olive oil, and to reduce the consumption of water and energy necessary for their manufacture (4 times less water and 7 times less energy). These innovations allow our Marseille soap flakes to be perfectly suited to sensitive skin and delicate laundry, while retaining the many virtues of this age-old product. Fragrance-free, our Marseille soap flakes are certified eco-detergent by Ecocert Greenlife.

Pure soap flakes of natural origin

Our pure perfumed soap in flakes is formulated from 100% vegetable oils, for a unique quality. Suitable for all fabrics, and extra-soft for laundry thanks to its softening power, it respects the most fragile clothes such as baby clothes or delicate textile fibres. With no added artificial cleaning agents or color treatments, Scented Pure Soap Flakes are free of preservatives, EDTA and phosphate. We do not add any foaming agent, coloring agent or synthetic softener. The soap is finely ground 6 times and carefully dried by hand for several days. Thanks to this method, our pure laundry soap flakes contain a very low level of moisture. They can then be used directly for washing. Formulated from ingredients of natural origin, effective at all temperatures, suitable for all types of washing, economical, and with recyclable PEFC kraft packaging made in France, Rampal Latour flake detergent respects the skin and the environment. .

An effective natural detergent for all types of washing and at all temperatures

Marseille soap flakes and scented pure soap flakes are finely ground to suit all types of washing. You can use them for both hand and machine washing. Soft, the Rampal Latour flakes allow optimal cleaning of all textiles, including the most delicate. Cotton, lycra, wool or silk, your laundry is preserved while eliminating dirt. Naturally rich in softening glycerin, our hypoallergenic Marseille soap and our pure perfumed soap are suitable for even the most fragile textiles. They soften the linen naturally for your greater comfort. Effective at all temperatures, they can be used without prior dilution from 40°C. Simply crushed in your hand, slip a handful of shavings or flakes into the heart of the laundry in the drum of your machine. You can also dilute them in hot water to make your own detergent. Marseille soap flakes with olive oil release a natural smell. The flakes of white Marseille soap with 100% vegetable oils remain neutral in fragrance. For a more floral or fruity touch, the scented washing powder reveals a delicate note of Grasse Rose, Vine Peach or Lavandin. To meet everyone's needs, we offer our flake detergent in different sizes: 750g for 50 washes and 1.5kg for 100 washes. You can adapt the desired quantity according to your usual recipe for the manufacture of homemade detergent.

Eco-responsible packaging for environmentally friendly glitter

We package our sequins in a PEFC kraft paper bag packaging to promote natural drying of the sequins. This packaging is specifically designed to allow the soap flakes to air naturally. They are then drier and easier to use. Recyclable and biodegradable, this packaging is entirely manufactured and printed in France to reduce our environmental footprint.