Un savon de Marseille dans votre lit ?

A Marseille soap in your bed?

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Natural stain removal

Marseille soap is best known for cleansing the body and caring for linen, but these virtues are far from being the only ones...

His universe is overflowing with applications that have built his legendary reputation. You may have already heard that popular tradition recommends slipping Marseille soap at the bottom of your bed. Strange custom, passed down for generations: why do you think?

Marseille soap in your bed?

Since the time of our grandmothers and well before, it was commonplace to place Marseille soap at the bottom of the bed. This may leave the majority of us perplexed, but it is indeed a custom passed down from generation to generation to prevent nighttime cramps.

Why Marseille soap?

We know that Marseille soap is a soap full of virtues. We discover them thanks to popular tradition which is often right. So, for generations, it has been said that Marseille soap and cramps do not go well together. Slipped into the bottom of the bed, Marseille soap would help prevent nighttime cramps.

Here is how our artisan soap makers report this grandmother's tip:

Slip a Marseille soap at the bottom of your bed, directly between your sheets. If you prefer, you can first put the soap in a cotton, sisal or linen pouch. Then lie down and let nature take its course! Cube , 300g loaf or 150g plate , the choice is yours but we recommend the 150g plate, practical size in its sisal pouch!

Rampal Latour Marseille soap: real and of superior quality

Marseille soap does not benefit from any designation which could have protected its origin and its manufacturing method. This results in a plethora of so-called “Marseille” soaps on the market usurping its name, its know-how, and of dubious composition.

By choosing Rampal Latour Marseille soaps, you are choosing authenticity and a superior quality soap. We guarantee that our Marseille soap is a real Marseille soap cooked in a cauldron using the “Marseillais” process : extra-Pure, guaranteed 72% 100% purified vegetable oils, and contains no coloring, no perfume, no additive, as tradition dictates. Thanks to our patented manufacturing technique , our Marseille soap with olive oil naturally contains 3% moisturizing glycerin, and our Marseille soap with vegetable oils contains almost 8%.

Its production in a cauldron in Salon de Provence by Rampal Latour consumes 4 times less water and 7 times less energy , without any discharge into wastewater. It is COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard. Finally, our modern factory, in which we still manufacture it, is open for visits: do not hesitate to come discover our universe .

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