Savon de Marseille pour les dents

Marseille soap for teeth

Through a dual cleaning and purifying action, Marseille soap helps strengthen the gums and helps eliminate tartar.

To protect your gums and for healthy teeth

When brushing your teeth, you can use Marseille soap. It is ideal for your gums and your enamel. Preferably take green Marseille soap with olive oil, based on ingredients of natural origin, extra gentle. It cleans perfectly, helping to strengthen the gums, and helps eliminate tartar.
To fully benefit from its virtues, follow the instructions for use from our master soap makers.
Wet your toothbrush and rub very lightly on the green Marseille soap with olive oil as if you were putting toothpaste on the brush (it is better to add a little if it does not lather enough on the teeth). Brush your teeth then rinse them with clean, cold water.

Teeth are clean and shiny, gums healthier. More than a soap, green Marseille soap can promote certain treatments. The traditional Rampal Latour green Marseille soap with olive oil helps dry out small wounds such as canker sores, burns on the palate, irritated gums, small bleedings, or even when a child's tooth has fallen out.

We recommend this cleaning 2 to 3 times a week. The slightly salty taste of Marseille soap will remind you of the invigorating taste of sea water. It can also be used in addition to toothpaste.

To sanitize toothbrushes and dental appliances

After each wash, we advise you to clean the toothbrush thoroughly with green Marseille soap with olive oil before drying your toothbrush in the open air. The same goes for cleaning your dental appliance, by brushing it carefully with Marseille soap.

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