Our first mark of respect goes to tradition. Our consideration formillennial artProvençal soap artisans connects us toour own story. It opens us up to welcoming innovative, different ideas, which gives impetus to the discovery of new horizons. It invites us to an attitude of service in our work, as a team and towards our customers. It reminds us to humble attention to the perfection of nature, the favorite ingredient of all our soaps. It leads us, finally, to remain faithful to what is simple, good and true.


Our definition of quality goes back to its primary meaning: it is a way of being. It could be summed up by our aspiration to improve people's lives through every soap that comes out of our artisanal soap factory. And it is at the same time much more than that. The consistency of our quality is the source and the fruit of the attention we pay to the relationships within our soap factory, to our customers and to our suppliers. It's our way of achieving what sets us apart. The very meaning of our work as soap artisans.


Any relationship is a communication, an exchange. It is also the bond which unites and which makes it possible to relate, to transmit what one considers good. By its very nature, soap elicits interactions. At the heart of our daily lives, it faithfully conveys an authentic and universal message: that of trust which arises from genuine attention to others. Together, as a team, with our customers and suppliers, we experience what expresses our sense of relationship: reciprocity. Giving, receiving, welcoming without reserve…


Authenticity is this deep value in which our entire team is committed and expresses its identity. It is based on a regularity, alive in our seniority, in the tradition of our craftsmanship and in the quality of our soaps. It imposes itself as an evidence through ourMarseille's soapwhich is representative of a unique and therefore unchangeable heritage. It also testifies to a purity, present in all our natural soaps. This deep value that drives us is to be simple, good and true, every day.


Tradition is a heritage, a teaching, a delivered message. It is also a responsibility received and carried out on a daily basis that we like to share. Having soap as a vector of tradition, our craftsmanship remains a force that is transmitted from hand to hand. He is the living witness to a tradition of courage, audacity, resilience, innovation, unity and respect. Our motivation, our way of doing things and our lifestyle are authentic: sharing the heritage, enriching it and always innovating.