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The Shower-Shampoo ''Geneviève Patou'' Since 1951


The entry of shampoos into the world of the Rampal PATOU soap factory at this time coincides with the arrival of a woman at the head of the company. It was Germaine, daughter of the master soap maker Jacques Rampal, who ran the business during the 2nd World War. Her brother René joined her in 1941 and together they faced a world undergoing profound change. Pioneers in innovation, this is how in 1951 they created, manufactured and launched a unique product, a three-in-one liquid shampoo: for the hair, for the body and for the bubble bath: the famous "Geneviève PATOU" shampoo. » never equaled! Faithful to the family tradition, they develop a natural product. Enriched with honey which nourishes, softens, gives volume and shine to the hair, it is scented with honeysuckle for an unforgettable delicate freshness. The success is immediate. And the rue Félix Pyat soap factory in Salon-de-Provence is breathing new life. Thanks to its unique historical formulation, the Geneviève Patou honey-honeysuckle shampoo remains a best-seller in our soap factory. Still made in the soap factory, it is a living witness to real, simple and good products. Extra gentle on the hair, it is even suitable for washing fragile skin. Its family packaging makes it unbeatable and gives it excellent value for money.


Since these historic events, Rampal Latour shower shampoos have resonated as closely as possible with changes in society. In 2008 their formulas meet the standards of organic cosmetics within the certified organic Rampal Latour range. A success that inspires others, our new shower shampoos, certified by ECOCERT and labeled COSMEBIO, receive the title of “Best organic range of the year” at the international exhibition in New York: “New York Gift Show” in 2010. With the greatest respect… Our bicentenary experience as soap artisans has enabled us to develop particular attention and high standards in the methods of producing our shampoos. A specifically designed and equipped laboratory provides us with safe conditions for compliance with health and safety standards. Regular checks are carried out as soon as the raw materials arrive, stored and handled with care. They continue throughout the production and packaging of shampoos and shower gels: bacteriological analyses, PH and viscosity analyses, sensory and visual analyses, volume and weight control, quality control. All stages of the production of our shower shampoos, right up to the final packaging, are carried out continuously at our historical address in Salon-de-Provence…and of course.

Our certified organic shower shampoos contain natural raw materials or those from organic farming, with the guarantee of 99% natural ingredients (instead of 95% required by Ecocert). Therefore, no element of synthesis will find its place.No GMOs, no silicones, parabens, no PEGs, glycols, paraffin, petroleum jelly and EDTA.

Like all the soaps from the Rampal Latour soap factory, all the shower shampoos are easily biodegradable.

As for the packaging of the range, they are consistent with our attentive approach to respecting the environment. All our bottles are recyclable. The benevolence of nature being at the heart of our primary vocation as a manufacturer of natural and traditional soaps, we develop shower shampoos loaded with varied and complementary virtues. To nourish, moisturize, soften, soothe, purify, refresh, strengthen, tone hair and skin, we use virgin olive and sweet almond oils, 100% certified organic; combine them with certified organic Aloe Vera and a Biolipide, a natural active ingredient derived from coconut and sunflower oils; and enrich them with honey, clay, rose floral water, lavandin and lavender, orange blossom, grapefruit, verbena, sage, bergamot,…. and to all the good things we will still find!