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The Certified Organic Soap Since 2008

Improve daily life. This has been our motivation as a manufacturer for several generations. It is in this logic of offering ever healthier products that our certified organic soap was born in 2008.


The art of making pure vegetable soaps began in 1935, in our soap factory. Their immediate success confirmed our taste for innovation, an authentic mark of the Rampal Latour soap makers. Years later, allowing our traditionally natural soaps to become''organic certified'', we have breathed new life into our profession. In 2007, we implemented the Rampal Latour Nature Charters which transparently highlight the naturalness of our products. In 2008, we launched our range of shampoos, shower gels and soaps. Organic, certified by ECOCERT and labeled COSMEBIO. And in 2010, this same range was elected“Best organic range of the year”at the New York International Fair,“New York Gift Show”.


For 6 years, our certified organic range has continued to evolve and pushes us to go beyond the standards. As for the composition of the soaps, our soap artisans guarantee a minimum of 99% natural ingredients when Ecocert requires 95%. On the manufacturing side, we draw on the tradition of our craftsmanship to guarantee the quality of textures and finishes.Unique compositions Thanks to the innovation that unifies the whole, we are proud to offer our customers genuine compositions of virtues, original and unique for your skin:

  • To nourish, we select 100% certified organic oils: virgin olive, sweet almond and argan oils, as well as the Biolipide active ingredient derived from coconut and sunflower oils;
  • To hydrate, we add certified organic aloe vera;
  • To purify, we use superfine green clay dried naturally in the sun;
  • To lather, we use copra oil from coconuts;
  • To perfume, we let unfold exceptional perfumes, 100% natural made by our French perfumers in Grasse, essential oils for lavandin, harvested and distilled in Drôme Provençale. For the most sensitive skin, Damask Rose floral water, hypoallergenic and delicately scented;
  • To color, we use mineral pigments.

In addition, all our soaps are plant-based and easily biodegradable. No PEG, no substance derived from petrochemicals, no GMOs, silicones, parabens, glycols, paraffin, petroleum jelly. They are EDTA-free, without artificial colors and not tested on animals.As for the packaging in the range, they are recyclable and are consistent with our organic approach. They follow the latest technological and environmental innovations. Our sachets of soaps are 100% compostable, of plant origin, made from wood fibers (cellulose), certified to standard EN 13432.Make organic a ''must''.Rampal Latour certified organic soaps are moisturizing and revitalizing. Soaps, shampoos, shower gels, they awaken the senses thanks to the good ingredients that compose them. They are simple, good and true. Natural signature of the Rampal Latour brand.

Organic Rampal Latour