After the success of their Marseille soap at the Universal Exhibition of 1900, the Rampals affirmed their talent as innovators and created, in 1935, the very first toilet soap, which they baptized “La Bain”. Eighty years later, the Rampal Latour soap bar is more fulfilling than ever: natural, refined, fragrant, extra soft, delicate, beneficial and even certified organic… it travels around the world, while remaining faithful to its native Provence.


Proud to know that generations of men, women and children trust the brand to cleanse their skins, our soap artisans watch over its authenticity and unique nature, the result of a skilful formulation and manufacturing process. All signed by the hand of the manufacturer of natural soaps Rampal Latour. At Rampal Latour, we could speak of the "poetry of gestures" that soap requires to make it unique. At each stage of its manufacture, soap is described as a living material, a soft and malleable paste, a bondon ready to be molded...

An authentic process

The traditional and imposing machines (some of which date from 1950) mix all the ingredients in a slow and firm rhythm. Through a weathered hatch, the preparation falls successively into our two grinders, each with three rollers. The paste, crushed in this way six times, is transformed into delicate, extra fine shavings of superior quality. Continuing their immutable course on a belt connected to the extruder, the finely crushed chips are then compressed to an exceptional level thanks to two enormous endless screws, then are transformed into hot bungs, which will be cut by the cutter then transported to molds in bronze, to finish molded in a unique and intense process.

Guaranteed quality

It is all this that guarantees the quality of the texture and the finishes of the soap bars. It is this authentic know-how that is at the origin of the characteristic density of Rampal Latour soaps, allowing them to be preserved and last a long time without breaking with use. Finally, the soap maker checks the finish of each bar of soap before placing it delicately by hand – still warm – in bulk in a crate…. Once cooled, they can finish their cycle to be packaged by us at the factory or delivered to Establishments and Work Assistance Services in the region to be carefully packaged by a team of disabled people with whom we like to create links thanks to soaps.


Hand-checked before packaging, the soap bars exude the goodness of their natural ingredients:

A precious asset, the exclusive use of 100% vegetable oils (coconut, olive, grapeseed, palm*), or certified organic (olive, sweet almond, argan). Our specificity comes from the fact that all our soaps are very rich in vegetable oils, which reconstitute the hydrolipidic film of the skin. In regular use, the skin is nourished, protected, hydrated. The percentage of oils that we put in our formulas to achieve this result is very important compared to the competition, because we put between 1.2% and 3% of oils while most brands claiming an oil put less. 0.1%. We use pigments (mineral powders, green clay) for the color. For their antiseptic and soothing virtues, flowers and essential oils of lavandin grown and distilled in Drôme Provençale, honey… and generously dosed perfumes (Rose from Grasse, Lavender, Fig, Almond, Vine Peach, Lily of the Valley, Green Tea…) , selected from our best perfumers in France, particularly in Grasse.