Press releases 2021
- Rampal Latour offers 5,000 Marseille soaps to OM Fondation: Consult

Press releases 2020
- Rampal Latour - OM, forever the first: Consult
- Rampal Latour innovates and adapts its white Marseille soap to very frequent washing required by the Covid-19 crisis: Consult
- Rampal Latour offers 10,000 Marseille soaps to schools and EHPADs in the South Region: Consult

Press releases 2019
- Rampal Latour obtains two major patents on his process for more responsible manufacturing of authentic Marseille soap: Consult
- Rampal Latour welcomes newborns from Salone with its safest innovative care: Consult
- Rampal Latour sensitive skin and mothers – Innovation and maximum safety so that no risky substance reaches baby through the skin: Consult
- Rampal Latour Bébé – Stop endocrine disruptors: Consult

Press release 2018
- 1828-2018, Rampal Latour celebrates 190 years of innovation in the art of making real Marseille soap: Consult

Press releases 2016
- The Rampal Latour soap factory makes Marseille soap even more respectful of the skin and nature: Consult
- IFP Energies Nouvelles and Rampal Latour partnership: when industrial innovation serves ancestral methods of producing Marseille soap: Consult