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Shampoo for dry hair

Dull and brittle, dry hair is more difficult to style. To help you regain soft and silky hair, we have created asolid shampooandliquid shampoosfor thecare of dry or dry-prone hair, whose composition is of natural origin. Entirely made in Provence, the stronghold of soap for several generations, our certified organic shower shampoos with Damascus Rose are specifically formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

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Shampoos for dry hair based on historic artisanal know-how

Weakened and brittle, dry hair needs hydration to regain its shine. Keen to help you take care of your hair every day, our soapmakers have designed a range of shampoos for dry hair with soothing and nourishing properties. The Rampal Latour soap factory perpetuatesartisanal and traditional know-howto design products suitable for the care of dry hair, healthy and safe for the skin and scalp. Without preservatives, our shampoos designed for dry hair are gentle.Since 1951, the Rampals have revolutionized hygienewith a 3 in 1 shower shampoo: shampoo, shower and bubble bath. This first liquid shampoo ''Geneviève Patou'' intended for all hair types is still a must-have today. In 1998, our soapmakers developed this treatment into a liquid shampoo rich in nourishing olive oil to take care of dry hair. Historically located in Provence, the Rampal Latour soap factory perpetuates the family tradition by formulating liquid and solid shampoos to from raw materials of natural origin. Without GMOs or parabens, our shampoos for dry hair are easily biodegradable and packaged in recyclable packaging.

A range of award-winning certified organic liquid shampoos

After the success of the historic ''Geneviève Patou'' shower shampoos, our soapmakers have perpetuated this artisanal know-how by developing a family of scented organic treatments, with soothing and beneficial dermatological properties. Thanks to a simple composition of natural origin, the certified organic liquid shower shampoo for dry hair with organic Damascus Rose floral water is hypoallergenic. Made up of a cleansing base of plant origin, it does not contain parabens, silicones or artificial colors. Without ammonium lauryl sulfate, PEG or EDTA, it is designed to limit the risk of allergies. Awarded in 2010 at the NEW YORK GIFT SHOW, the Rampal Latour range of shower shampoos was voted best organic range of the year. Made in Provence, they are labeled COSMEBIO and certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife, thanks in particular to their ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming. To restore luster and shine to dry hair, the liquid shower shampoo designed for dry hair is formulated with organic aloe vera with moisturizing properties. It will strengthen the dry hair fiber by filling its deficiencies. She is then fed and sheathed. Scented with organic Damask Rose floral water, it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Thanks to rose water, hair follicles are enriched with vitamin C. This treatment for dry hair is gentle, soothing, and offers fragrant and sensory pleasure. With its easily biodegradable cleansing base, it is suitable for sensitive and fragile skin. Practical, you can use it to clean your hair as well as your body thanks to a specific formulation.

Solid shampoo for dry hair 100% of natural origin

Both practical and pleasant to use, thesolid shampooscented with Vine Peach is formulated from ingredients of natural origin to take care of dry and dry-prone hair. Its small size fits everywhere with you and makes it particularly suitable for frequent use. Effective with its generous foam, it releases a delicate fruity scent. Suitable for vegans, our solid shampoo is made with 10% of our Marseille soap with vegetable oils. Moisturizing and hypoallergenic, this white Marseille soap is made in a cauldron, using the Marseille process. Naturally rich in glycerin, which has multiple benefits for the skin, it cleans both the hair and the body while respecting the most fragile skin. Certified COSMOS Natural, our solid shampoo for dry hair is also made from organic olive oil producedin Provence, near our workshop. This premium quality vegetable oil is perfect for nourishing and strengthening the hair fiber. Dry hair is protected and regains its natural shine. Your sensitive scalp is soothed. Finally, the 100% natural red clay it contains allows your hair to regain its shine. Rich in iron, red clay restores dynamism and tone to dry or dry hair. Less brittle and fragile, they become more voluminous and flexible again.

Why is hair dry?

Difficult to style, dull and without volume, your hair can become dry for multiple reasons. Due to a lack of sebum, dry hair is dehydrated and fragile. The ends are forked, brittle. The hair fiber may feel rough to the touch and lack elasticity. The scalp is irritated. Dry hair can be caused by environmental pollution. It can also be due to frequent chemical coloring or the use of a hair dryer which dehydrates the hair fiber. In summer, swimming and exposure to the sun can also weaken hair. To properly hydrate dry hair, it is essential to use a specific, gentle and natural shampoo. For sensitive skin and scalps, the fact that it is hypoallergenic is a significant plus. Water that is too hot or hard can also be responsible; just like fatigue or poor quality conditioners.