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Pollution, stress, diet or hormonal imbalance, your scalp can encourage the production of excess sebum. Your hair then becomes greasy and dull more easily. Your scalp is weakened and irritated. To effectively purify and hydrate your hair, discover our range of shampoos for oily hair.

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Made from ingredients of natural origin, our solid and liquid shampoos will help you take care of your oily hair. Formulated to soothe the scalp, they are soft and delicately scented. Regulating sage, purifying bergamot, moisturizing aloe vera or detoxifying green clay: find the benefits of healthy natural products to maintain your hair every day.

The ''Geneviève Patou'' Honey Honeysuckle liquid shampoo: an essential historic shampoo for oily hair

Stemming from family know-how, Geneviève Patou liquid shampoo, created in 1951, remains a must-have today. This Honeysuckle Honey shower shampoo is extra gentle on the hair. A true 3 in 1 product, it is suitable for hair, body or bath. In order to prevent the skin from drying out on the scalp and to absorb excess sebum, we have developed our flagship product. THEliquid shampoo for oily hair with superfine green clay and verbena scentpurifies and rebalances the scalp. Entirely made in our Salon-de-Provence soap factory, this certified organic shampoo suitable for oily hair contains organic aloe vera, known for its soothing and hydrating properties, and purifying clay. More balanced, the hair is purified and hydrated. Continuing the family tradition, we have also designed acertified organic liquid shampoo for oily hair scented with sage and bergamot. Made with sweet almond oil, this shower shampoo is ideal for rehydrating and soothing the scalp. Gentle, it can also be used on fragile skin. Thanks to the regulating properties of sage and the purifying properties of bergamot, oily hair is gently rehydrated.

The solid shampoo suitable for oily hair: gentle and practical

To facilitate daily use and respond to certain issues of our time, we have designed asolid shampoo for use on oily hair. Practical thanks to its small size and its shape which fits easily in the hand, it offers a beautiful melting foam, generous and dense. Rub it in your hands to make it lather. Then massage your previously wet scalp and skin, then rinse. Formulated in our manufacturing workshops in Salon-de-Provence, the solid shampoo designed for oily hair contains softening and regulating organic jojoba oil, which will rebalance the hair fiber to restore shiny and supple hair. You will also find the benefits of 100% natural green clay to detoxify and purify the scalp. Finally, like all our solid shampoos, it is formulated with 10% of our hydrating Marseille soap with vegetable oils, made according to tradition. Scented with green tea, the solid shampoo for the care of oily hair will leave a pleasant fresh smell on your scalp.

Natural ingredients from organic farming

Committed to an eco-responsible and more local approach, it was essential for us that our shampoos formulated for the care of oily hair benefit from certifications, a guarantee of quality. This is why our range of liquid shampoos for oily hair is certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife, and labeled COSMEBio, thus guaranteeing an ecological and organic cosmetic product. Our solid shampoo suitable for oily hair is COSMOS Natural certified. We carefully choose the ingredients that make up our shampoos for their virtues and their naturalness. We favor organic products and made in France, and work with local raw materials, manufactured not far from our manufacturing workshop in Provence. Our shampoos for oily and oily hair are formulated without silicones or parabens to preserve the hair fiber. We do not use artificial colors or ammonium lauryl sulfate. In addition, our liquid shampoos are prepared without PEG or EDTA. Our solid shampoo is formulated with a surfactant of natural origin, and is adapted to meet the expectations of vegans.

Ecological and eco-responsible formats

Concerned about being more respectful of the Environment, we also pay attention to the quality of our packaging. In a desire to do better and have a positive impact, we select recyclable containers and ecological formats. The packaging of our solid shampoo for oily hair is therefore entirely designed without plastic waste. It is protected by cardboard made in France from FSC certified cardboard, coming from sustainably managed forests. It is therefore 100% recyclable, just like the packaging of our liquid shampoos. To best meet your needs, we have also available our shower shampoo for oily hair in different sizes. From the 250ml bottle to the 3L can for a family and more economical format, you can opt for the container that best suits your use. Thanks to our 3L refill format, make an ecological gesture by reducing your plastic waste.