Savon Noir

Black soap

With the Rampal Latour soap makers, discover the uses of black soap withunique formulas, dermatologically testedand for their effectiveness, so that your skin is preserved. Certified eco-detergent by Ecocert Greenlife, Rampal Latour multi-purpose liquid black soap is the solutionto clean and shine the whole house, respecting health and the environment.



Authenticity at the service of cleanliness

Thanks to know-how dating back to 1828, the Rampal Latour soap factory offers you an all-natural liquid black soap for the home and garden. Each of its ingredients are carefully selected and the manufacturing process used combines respect for tradition and eco-responsible innovation. Certified eco-detergent by Ecocert Greenlife and dermatologically tested, this liquid black soap respects both your skin and the environment for daily use without constraint or complex. As famous and renowned as Marseille soap, black soap is a fascinating product that is full of properties and applications. From beauty treatments to home maintenance, it is surprisingly effective! Be careful, however, not to confuse the two types of black soaps with compositions adapted to different universes:

  • Black soap for cosmetic care:used to cleanse, protect or even prepare the skin for exfoliation, it comes in the form of a soft paste of a more or less dark brown. Its preparation, ancestral recipe, is obtained from a mixture of oil and black olives crushed and macerated in potash salt.
  • Liquid black soap for household cleaning:Used for the maintenance of the whole house, for the garden and even for animal hygiene, it is made from vegetable oil and potash. It comes in liquid form.

Liquid black soap with linseed oil

Manufacturer of natural soaps, Rampal Latourpresents the flagship product of its house range: black soap with linseed oil(scented with Lavender or Almond). This multi-purpose, natural concentrated cleaner is certified eco-detergent by Ecocert Greenlife, combines multiple virtues for unique effectiveness. Exclusively made from 100% vegetable linseed oil, Rampal Latour Black Soap is easily biodegradable. It is also gentle on the hands since it does not contain parabens, solvents, artificial colors or superfoaming agents. Linseed oil, obtained from the pressing of flax seeds, is highly valued for its antistatic and protective properties, as well as its shiny power. They make it an excellent cleaner for the house from the tiles to the ceiling. It is also very appreciated for its environmental qualities since it is easily biodegradable. To add sunshine to your daily life, Rampal Latour enhances the composition of its black soap with two olfactory signatures that smell good of the south. Find the delicate, sweet and fresh scents of almond and essential oil of lavender with sweet notes of Provence.

The black soap with multiple household applications

For the care of all the rooms in your home, from the floor to the ceiling, including the maintenance of household appliances, your car and even your garden... To fully benefit from its virtues, followadviceof dosage and use of our soap makers for:

  • The garden
  • The leather
  • Camping
  • DIY
  • Wood
  • The bathroom
  • The painting
  • The kitchen
  • The body
  • The sport
  • Pets
  • Jewelry
  • The grounds