Les produits certifiés bio

Organic certified products

Taking care of your body, your hair, and your hands every day with good and safe products is possible thanks to the rangescertified organicbased on organic vegetable oils, natural ingredients, andSafelife labeledbased on Marseille soap. To preserve the vitality of dry or sensitive skin, for young and old.


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Soaps, shampoos, shower gels, and even baby care products that exclude more than 180 endocrine disruptors, our organic range aims to be eco-responsible and respectful of health.

Listening to health and sustainable development issues, Rampal Latour strives as much as possible to develop organic and clean soaps and hygiene products. The objective is to offer a range that protects the skin on a daily basis, whether dry or sensitive. Among these products, you will find our traditional Marseille bar soaps. Respecting tradition, these soaps are made in a cauldron. Their benefits for respecting the skin? A composition of natural origin which makes them hypoallergenic and a composition naturally rich in moisturizing glycerin, thanks to which they do not dry out the skin. Made with our extra-pure Marseille soaps, you will find a range suitable for babies and pregnant women, cleansing milk, shower gels and cream, baby liniment. It is fragrance-free, fully certified organic and Safelife labeled. These 100% clean products (on INCI Beauty and YUKA in particular) are tested under dermatological and gynecological control for the greatest respect for sensitive and permeable skin. Our certified organic hygiene range for body and hair also includessoap bars,shower gelsAndshower shampoos, scented or hypoallergenic without perfume. You will particularly appreciate our soap bars with fruity compositions with a 100% natural fragrance as well as recyclable packaging to respect the environment. Taking advantage once again of our know-how in the manufacture of Marseille soap, we offer a certified organic hypoallergenic liquid soap, ideal for gently cleaning the hands and body.

An award-winning organic range in 2010

In 2008, we launched our range of organic cosmetics, including organic shampoos, shower gels and soaps. In 2010, this same range of organic soaps suitable for body and hair care was voted “Best organic range of the year” at the New York international trade fair, “New York Gift Show”. Committed to a united and responsible future, Rampal Latour pays particular attention to this range certified organic by Ecocert and labeled by Cosmebio.