Liquide vaisselle

Dishwashing liquid

Formulated from a plant-based base, Rampal Latour dishwashing liquid is an effective, easy-to-use degreaser for washing dishes by hand. Delicately scented with lime, this concentrated dishwashing liquid is the ideal companion for daily dishwashing, since it requires little water, rinses quickly, and degreases effortlessly with little product. Effective and economical, it is also very gentle on the skin.


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Dishwashing liquid Lime 5L
Dishwashing liquid Lime 5L
27,65 €
39,50 €
228 reviews
Dishwashing liquid Lime 1L
Dishwashing liquid Lime 1L
Dishwashing liquid Lime 1L
7,00 €
10,00 €
56 reviews
Dishwashing liquid Lime 250ml
Dishwashing liquid Lime 250ml
2,80 €
4,00 €
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An effective and economical degreasing concentrate

Made in Provence in our workshops in Salon de Provence, our dishwashing liquid offers excellent efficiency on all your dishes. Scented with lime, it is pleasant to use and leaves a fresh and light citrus scent. Composed simply of the ingredients essential to its effectiveness, this dishwashing liquid offers excellent degreasing power for a perfect result. Extra-degreasing, it washes and shines dishes without leaving traces, including on glasses. Our dishwashing liquid is concentrated to provide better degreasing capacity without effort. Ultra-effective, a few drops of dishwashing liquid are enough on your sponge or in your sink to remove dirt and grease. Without excessive foam, your dishes are washed without the need to scrub too much. Then rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Perfect for everyday use, it remains effective on heavily soiled dishes and stubborn dirt, such as gratin dishes or saucepans. Find shiny and shiny dishes every day, with impeccable cleanliness, with just a few drops of concentrated dishwashing liquid.Economical in use, it requires very little product to act. Immerse your dishes rather than washing them under the tap. This will reduce your water and energy consumption during this household chore. To be effective and to degrease, washing dishes does not require a lot of foam.

A washing base of plant origin for a gentle dishwashing liquid for the hands

Like our range of household cleaning products, our plant-based washing-up liquid is gentle on the hands and does not dry out the skin. It is packaged in a recyclable bottle to reduce plastic waste. Prepared without solvents, parabens, dyes or foaming agents, our dishwashing liquid has a simple composition that only retains the essentials. Studied to be used frequently, it preserves the softness of your skin, without irritating or attacking it. You will no longer need to be equipped with household gloves to wash your dishes by hand.

Convenient recyclable packaging

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the containers of our dishwashing liquid are practical to handle. 3 sizes are available to suit your use: the small 250ml bottle, the 1L bottle, and the 5L refill. Use the 250ml nomadic bottle or the 1L bottle with a dosing pump at the edge of your sink. Refillable, you can fill them easily as you use them, thanks to the 5L container. In this way, you too are taking action to reduce your plastic waste. Regardless of the format used, our dishwashing liquid retains its effectiveness.

A know-how respectful of the tradition of soap makers

Passionate about our profession, we take care of the quality of our products, in the respect of the tradition of the master soap makers of Provence. We want to simplify your life with effective products formulated with ingredients of natural origin. We continue to work with authenticity, combining tradition and innovation as for our Marseille soap. Committed to improving the origin of the ingredients that make up our products, we seek to favor raw materials of excellent quality and made in France.

A range of healthy products for home maintenance

Find a whole range ofhome care productsdesigned for the well-being of the whole family, such as eco-detergent certified multi-purpose black soap, authentic Marseille soap, available in cubes and shavings, or our liquid Marseille detergent. To make your daily cleaning easier, we also offer smart and practical accessories that will make it easier for you to clean your dishes.