Lessive liquide de Marseille

Marseille liquid detergent

As gentle and effective as Marseille soap, liquid detergenteco-detergent certifiedby Ecocert is a simple and economical solutionfor washing clothes, by hand or by machine, at all temperatures. Scented with Green Tea, it takes care of laundry, health and the environment.


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Marseille liquid laundry detergent certified eco-detergent by ECOCERT Greenliferespect the laundryas much as health. It is an ecological detergent, made in a cauldron at the Rampal Latour soap factory from linseed oil, which constitutes a practical and economical detergent, like theMarseille's soap. A Marseille detergent suitable for sensitive skin and which respects laundry, health and the environment: free of parabens, phosphates, EDTA, synthetic dyes, superfoaming agents and optical brighteners.100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. Finally, it is naturally softening, thanks to the glycerin in Rampal Latour soap, a glycerin naturally formed during production. Master Soapmaker since 1828, Rampal Latour puts its know-how at the service of the production in Salon-de-Provence of an authentic Marseille soap of superior quality according to the Marseille method, in a more responsible way thanks to its patented process.