Dents et gencives

Teeth and gums

Recognized for its many virtues, theMarseille soap with olive oilis a natural treatment for the body and face. Shaped into a stick, it is also a major ally for yourdental hygiene. By using it in addition to a traditional toothpaste, you will find healthy and radiant teeth. Formulated from ingredients of natural origin, our Marseille soap with olive oil in a dental stick is extra-gentle to preserve the enamel of the teeth, while strengthening the gums.


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Marseille soap used in addition to toothpaste for healthy teeth

Both cleansing and purifying, Marseille soap with olive oil will help your gums regain their strength. It effectively removes tartar while preserving the enamel of your teeth. With Marseille soap with olive oil in a stick for dental brushing, your gums are healthier and soothed. It allows a real deep cleaning of the mouth. Your teeth regain their shine.Soft and hypoallergenic, our Marseille soap used as a dental stick is perfectly suited to the fragile mucous membranes of the mouth. It is very suitable for sensitive gums which may tend to bleed when brushing. The Marseille soap with olive oil allows you to find a good oral balance. It will also relieve mouth sores and eliminate tartar. Naturally soothing and antibacterial, it dries out small mouth sores. Mouth ulcers, burns and irritated gums are cleaned and sanitized. Your mouth is naturally healthy and fresh.

An eco-designed Marseille soap with olive oil

The master soap makers Rampal Latour design a Marseille soap with authentic olive oil, according to ancestral know-how preserved since 1828. Formulated from purified vegetable oils, our Marseille soap is always made in a cauldron, in the respect for Marseille tradition. Without additives or preservatives, without perfume, our raw materials are 100% of natural origin. We make sure to select superior quality vegetable oils to offer you an extra pure Marseille soap, composed of at least 72% oils. According to the traditional recipe, the rest of the manufacturing ingredients are only water, salt and soda. Our Marseille soap has a large amount of natural glycerin with moisturizing properties (+ 3% for green olive oil and + 7% for white). The naturally produced glycerin is indeed preserved during saponification thanks to our manufacturing process patented by the INPI since 2019, to meet multiple uses. Anxious to preserve traditional know-how, while innovating for the environment and health, we have reworked our manufacturing process. We continue to make our Marseille soap in Provence. But now, we consume 4 times less water and 7 times less energy and do not discharge into wastewater. A pledge of our desire to protect both the environment and health, our Marseille soap with olive oil in a dental stick is certified COSMOS Natural by Ecocert Greenlife, and the Rampal Latour soap factory is labeled Living Heritage Company.

A Marseille soap in an easy-to-use dental stick

Slightly salty, our Marseille soap with olive oil should be used in its dental stick format 2 to 3 times a week, in addition to a classic toothpaste. Practical and zero waste, it is light and easy to take with you everywhere, including on the plane. The use of Marseille soap stick is very simple: simply moisten yourtoothbrushbefore rubbing it on the soap. All you have to do is brush your teeth as usual. Finally rinse your mouth with clear water. The Marseille soap will lather lightly in your mouth to naturally clean your teeth, leaving them clean and healthy.