Comment laver son linge en machine < 40°C avec les paillettes ?

How to wash your laundry in the machine < 40°C with glitter?

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Pure soap flakes and Marseille soap flakes: natural laundry detergent
Cotton or lycra, wool or silk, plain or colored, delicate or fragile, linen loves the flakes of pure soap and Rampal Latour Marseille soap. They are hypoallergenic, natural, authentic and ecological.

Pure soap flakes and Marseille soap shavings gently wash your laundry: baby clothes, cotton, synthetics, wool, silk, lace, denim, canvas... In addition to machine efficiency, the natural action of the glitter and shavings Rampal Latour will seduce you with its ability to respect delicate laundry*.

*Refer to the washing instructions on the labels of your laundry before use.
Instructions for use for machine washing < 40°C
Pre-dilute the glitter: Half fill your laundry machine. Take between 15 and 20 g of glitter (approximately 1 handful or using the glitter dispenser) and crush them well in your hand to reduce them to powder. Put the glitter in a recycled jam jar or shaker. Add hot water to halfway up the container. Shake vigorously. Pour the prediluted preparation directly into the drum. Add the rest of the laundry. Start the cycle of your machine.
Natural drying
Laundry likes to dry outdoors. The fibers are respected and the linen breathes.
In case of wind or mistral, we recommend our old-fashioned clothespins, ideal so that your laundry does not fly away. Hanging your laundry by hand is an economical and ecological gesture that helps save energy.

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